Innovative infrastructure glass

Discover our advanced solutions for building security and public infrastructure, which aim to optimize traffic routes and public areas with robust safety glass and efficient noise barriers.

Specially designed for the challenges of urban environments, we offer transparent noise barriers without posts and shatterproof glass for railroad stations, bridges and underpasses. Our unbreakable glass solutions are synonymous with safety and durability.

Our innovative unbreakable glass solutions, known as Hammerglass, are made from nano surface-treated polycarbonate, 300 times stronger than conventional glass and virtually indestructible, while being significantly lighter.

Hammerglass panels are coated with a protective silicon oxide layer that is resistant to scratches and abrasion. This nanotechnology makes Hammerglass an effective protection against vandalism, as graffiti can be easily removed and environmental pollutants adhere less.

With UV protection of almost 100%, Hammerglass retains its clear appearance for decades. With an expected service life of over 40 years and a fire-retardant effect, it sets standards in building safety.

Choose Hammerglass for the modernization of your infrastructure to realize an unbreakable bus stop, safety glass pedestrian underpass and other critical applications. Contact us for detailed information or to realize the project with you.

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