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unbreakable mirror - Hammerglass reduces the costs caused by damage or vandalism and increase personal safety.

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unbreakable mirror - Hammerglass

Unbreakable Hammerglass mirrors reduce the costs caused by damage or vandalism and increase personal safety in the areas where they are installed. The nanotechnology surface treatment makes Hammerglass mirrors resistant to most chemicals. In the case of graffiti, markings or other soiling, most known cleaning agents can be used without damaging the mirrors. Hammerglass mirror glass is recommended for public restrooms, locker rooms, sports facilities, elevators, prisons and psychiatric wards.

Lightweight mirrors with or without frame - Mirror safety glass

Hammerglass mirror safety glass weighs only 1.2 kg/m2 per mm thickness, which is half the weight of conventional glass. With such a low glass weight, the weight of a 6 mm thick mirror glass is only 7.2 kg/m2. Due to the low weight, the mirrors are easy to handle without heavy lifting and can be securely glued to the substrate even with larger formats.


The possibilities for individual design are basically unlimited. The mirror glass can be cut to special dimensions and into any desired shape. The low weight of the mirrors facilitates the handling of larger glass batches. We also offer standard dimensions:

  • 500×750 mm, 500×1000 mm, 500×1500 mm
  • 750×1000 mm
  • 1000×1000 mm, 1000×1500 mm, 1000×2000 mm
  • 1500×2000 mm


Elegant shatterproof mirror with bevelled edges, made of Formica compact/high-pressure laminate. The design of the frame ensures that it adapts well to the wall surface. The bevelled edge is very hard to grip and prevents the mirror from detaching from the wall. The structure of the frame also allows the mirror glass to be replaced, unlike mirror glass that is glued to the wall.

The mirror is supplied with a white frame as standard, but can also be offered in various laminates such as birch, ash or walnut on request. The mirror is supplied in the standard dimensions 380×600 mm, but can also be produced in special dimensions. The mirror glass itself weighs 1.2 kg/m2 per mm of thickness, which is half the weight of normal glass. A 6 mm thick mirror glass weighs 7.2 kg/m2. The weight of the frame is not included.

  • Standard colour: White
  • Options: Birch, ash, walnut, etc.
  • Standard dimensions: W380 x H600 x D21
  • Can be ordered in special sizes on request
  • Weight (6 mm): 7.2 kg/m2, weight of frame not included
  • 300 times stronger than glass
  • Scratch and chemical resistant mirror surface
  • 10-year guarantee against age-related soiling, cracking or breakage


For sports facilities, gymnasiums, riding schools...

Hammerglass also supplies large-format mirrors for facilities where glass breakage can be life-threatening and cause injury to those involved - both humans and animals.

  • Unbreakable safety glass, 300 times stronger than glass
  • Low weight
  • Customised dimensions as required
  • Scratch and chemical resistant mirror surface
  • 10-year guarantee against discolouration of the glass due to age, cracking or
  • Break


Hammerglass Mirror Glass is mounted with through bolts (not to be countersunk), fixing points or clamp fixings. The holes are drilled at the factory or on site. For mounting with adhesive or silicone, contact Hammerglass AB for selection of the appropriate product. For larger surfaces (~1500×2000 mm), Hammerglass Mirror Glass must be pre-glued to a flat surface to ensure the best visual effect. The framed mirror is fixed with a through screw.

What is Hammerglass?

Learn more about Hammerglass or contact INTECH-ICS AG for projects in Switzerland.

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