Glass roof over bus terminal in Stockholm

Under the direction of "Landskapslaget", Hammerglass AB was given the opportunity to influence the design and technical solution for the translucent part of the roof of the bus terminal in Täby Centrum.

The Hammerglass panels were mounted with steel L-profiles manufactured by Hammerglass at the joints, as well as with clamping profiles to ensure that the joints are watertight. The panels are fixed with specially made fixpoints to prevent sagging between the L-profiles.

Each panel is 2 x 5.5 metres and is fixed at an angle of 70 degrees to the post. Before the panels were cut, each room was measured individually. The panels were then cut out as parallel trapezoids. Total area 5.5 x 100 metres.


Hammerglass Opal 12 mm
Hammerglass L-profile
Hammerglass Fixpoint

Täby Municipality via NCC